This wordcamp was my 4th wordcamp as attendee. I knew about this wordcamp by social media and my colleagues. One of my colleagues was speaker for this wordcamp.

I planned for WCNashik just before week. First I booked ticket for WC WCNashik and arranged travel to reached the venue.

WCNashik was a great experience for me. This event was well organized, I loved it.

I am living in surat so my journey start for #WCNashik day before it’s. I reached  at nashik early morning by bus and I reached the venue within 30 min. As I reached there,  Some people were already arrived.  I had introduction talk with them. After some time, registration process was stated. I collected my WC ticket with swags and entered in a hall. The venue was good and well organized.

WCNashik Makes my lappy full of stickers, Nappu and WCNashik stickers are awesome.

I took selfie with  NAPUU – नाशिकचा वापू .  selfie booth and sponsor desk were quite different compare to other wordcamp which I attended. After that, I reached at food court with my new friend and take breakfast. Food is really awesome. ( credit goes to #WCNashik organized team ).

Nappu – नाशिकचा वापू

As I am working as remotely, it’s place, where I meet with my colleagues so, I met them and passed my whole day with @Ayush, @varun, @abhishek, @saurabh and @ankit and had chitchat with them.


I attend some session, I liked panel discussion Contribution to WordPress. I personally motivated by that session to do some more contribution. some other session which I attended were

we had panel discussion with some friends just for fun 😛

Panel Discussion at #WCNashik

Also, Community bar one of the best thing at WCNashik . It was promote wordpress community of other city in india.

At last, we received thanks gift on behalf of Buddyboss for sponsoring WCNashik.

Thanks WCNashik crew members for organized such amazing and valuable event. Yeah, I can tell that WCNashik crew members are succeed to fulfill goal of wordcamp for me.


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