I’m at #WcNashik

I’m at #WcNashik

This wordcamp was my 4th wordcamp as attendee. I knew about this wordcamp by social media and my colleagues. One of my colleagues was speaker for this wordcamp.

I planned for WCNashik just before week. First I booked ticket for WC WCNashik and arranged travel to reached the venue.

WCNashik was a great experience for me. This event was well organized, I loved it.

I am living in surat so my journey start for #WCNashik day before it’s. I reached  at nashik early morning by bus and I reached the venue within 30 min. As I reached there,  Some people were already arrived.  I had introduction talk with them. After some time, registration process was stated. I collected my WC ticket with swags and entered in a hall. The venue was good and well organized.

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